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10 AM Check Into Mansion Cabana Rental Guided Meditation Exotic Rentals Ice Bath
1 PM Private Plane Ride - - - Vitamin Injections
4 PM Mega Yachts Facials Private Picnic - Massage
7 PM - - - Reiki -
Check Into Mansion
Arrive at your luxurious mansion, setting the tone for the week ahead.
Private Plane Ride
Begin your Miami adventure soaring above the city. Witness sprawling cityscapes, beaches, and the ocean from the skies.
Mega Yachts
Sunset cruise. Watch the golden horizon while enjoying a lavish spread.
Cabana Rental
Relax in a private cabana, refreshed with bottle service.
Pamper yourself with a bespoke facial, ensuring your skin feels rejuvenated.
Guided Meditation
Start with a serene guided meditation session, aligning your mind, body, and spirit.
Private Picnic
Experience Miami's culinary scene with a Private Picnic by the beach.
Exotic Rentals
Choose from our fleet of luxury vehicles and explore Miami's streets, turning heads at every corner.
Experience the sublime energy of Reiki with Miami G. Our trained professionals channel this Japanese art of healing to refresh your spirit, guiding you into a state of deep relaxation and inner peace. Let the energy flow, connecting you to the universe in the lap of luxury.
Vitamin Injections
Boost your vitality with Miami G's tailored vitamin injections. Under the guidance of health professionals, these injections are designed to instantly revitalize, offering you a burst of energy and wellness that complements the vibrant Miami lifestyle.
Indulge in the epitome of relaxation with Miami G's premium massage experiences. Our certified therapists use a blend of techniques tailored to your needs, ensuring you feel refreshed, pampered, and in a state of ultimate bliss amidst the Miami ambiance.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Dive deeper into the Miami G experience. Your queries, answered.
1What sets Miami G's experiences apart from other luxury services?
At Miami G, we believe in more than just luxury; we deliver unparalleled personalized experiences. From private plane rides over the Miami skyline to rejuvenating wellness services in the heart of the city, every detail is curated with our clientele in mind. Our white-glove service ensures every moment with us is memorable, unique, and tailored to your desires.
2Can I customize my Miami G itinerary or do I need to choose from pre-set experiences?
Our offerings are designed to give you a taste of the best of Miami, but we understand that every individual has unique preferences. You're welcome to select from our curated experiences or work closely with our concierge team to tailor an itinerary that matches your vision of a perfect Miami getaway.
3How do I ensure my wellness experiences, like acupuncture and reiki, are suited to my needs?
Your well-being is our utmost priority. Before any wellness session, our professionals will have a consultation with you to understand your needs, preferences, and any concerns. This ensures every session is not just luxurious but also perfectly attuned to your well-being.
4What safety measures does Miami G have in place for its experiences, especially given the current health scenario?
At Miami G, we are committed to the safety and health of our clients. We adhere to strict health and sanitation guidelines, ensuring all our experiences, whether it's a private plane ride or a massage session, meet the highest standards of hygiene. Moreover, we are constantly updated with local and global health advisories to ensure our services remain safe for all our guests.
5Are the exotic rentals with Miami G insured and are there any prerequisites to avail of them?
Yes, all our exotic rentals are fully insured to provide our clients with peace of mind. To avail of these services, clients must meet specific criteria, including age restrictions and possessing a valid driver's license. Our concierge team will guide you through the specifics upon inquiry.

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